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For female entrepreneurS

I work with you one-on-one to define your purpose, where you want to take your company & help you develop a kick-ass actionable strategy that will provide you with the results needed to get there.

First and for most I must say that Alex is a badass!  I remember when she was building Zipfit and how she and her team did whatever it took to create the company of their dreams. I was super excited to hear she was coaching entrepreneurs because I needed help understanding how to produce meaningful growth for my 2 businesses. She helped me lay out goals and create a plan for how to execute and stay mother flipping focused on what needed to be done.  It’s nice to have
Ms. Alex for accountability and to kick my ass when I’m off track. She’s helping me let go and focus on my BIG DREAM. Thank you for your vibrant energy, get shit done attitude, and push to get myself out of my own way.
You are a ROCKSTAR!  
— Nicole Harry, Founder of Nicole Designs All (NDA)

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I work with companies on producing meaningful business growth by helping you and your team develop a killer strategy, create an action-oriented plan, and collaborate on agile execution by helping you optimize along the way to produce results.

Alex is a phenomenal speaker and leader, one of her many gifts is her ability to tell her powerful story of entrepreneurship. Alex effortlessly elicits thoughtful reflection in the audience as each person is challenged to look not only at their
business model but at the whole person and how we each face our own fears, hopes, and competencies in founding, building and exiting our dream. I still get such positive feedback from her talk and how she helped people reframe
their mindset about how and why we make the choices we do in our businesses. Alex is smart, honest and powerful and can inspire and lead multi generations on the entrepreneurial journey with a blend of practical and personal actionable wisdom.
— Sandee Kastrul, Co-Founder & President of i.c. Stars

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for speaking & workshops

I've spoken across the nation from Harvard to The Young Entrepreneur's Convention on topics ranging from entrepreneurship & innovation to empowering female entrepreneurs and leaders to build and do something that matters. Check out where I've spoken here.

I conduct workshops that facilitate helping entrepreneurs and female leaders get unstuck. Whether that be in showing you how to put together a strategy for getting there to bringing out your most badass authentic self in any setting.