Mondays felt like Mondays...

After 5 years of co-building a venture-backed multi-million dollar company, speaking around the country from Harvard to the Young Entrepreneurs convention as a thought leader on entrepreneurship and innovation, and advising startups, Monday's started to feel like Monday's..

When I took a step back, I found that I was in my company instead of being on top of it. If I had been on top of it, I would have realized that my purpose and pursuit of profit were imbalanced because I had forgotten what I was pursuing the profit for. 

When I resigned (more on my crazy journey here), I was on a mission to prevent female entrepreneurs from getting to a place of imbalance. The reality is that YOU CAN lead a company with purpose at the forefront while pursuing profit. We all just need a little help along the way to not only get there but to stay on the right path as our companies evolve.

 I met Alex at a time when my business was revealing pain points and opportunities. My vision was clouded with a lot of what the market was telling to me to look at. I was very reactive and had short-term goals and achievements, but not a long-term strategy that would withstand market changes and align with my true mission. Alex pushed me in a positive direction towards my core values by addressing my market analysis and operations head-on. She has a straightforward approach that leaves little room for excuses. Either you go for it, or you don’t. 
— Natalie Gotlieb, Founder of The Dress Reserve


I'm Your Superpower Sidekick.

Running a company effectively, involves channeling your super powers wherever you make the most impact. However, being Wonder Woman isn’t about taking on everything yourself - that’s how your superpowers fizzle out. How do you think Wonder Woman became so wonderful? 

Wonder Woman didn’t do it alone, you don’t have to either. Think of me as your Superpower Sidekick. I simply help augment and organize the superpowers you already have as we take your business to the next level.


I made a life-changing decision to walk away from my corporate position and branch out on my own. Like most DREAMers, I’ve always had big hopes and dreams to contribute to society on a much larger scale. Through my journey, Alex has been a huge resource and treasured partner who has shown to be honest and dependable. Through her
support and guidance, we have identified important issues within my model and have created efficient and effective solutions as needed. She has undeniable talent and is truly results-driven. Her passion consistently pushes her to go that extra mile for anyone she works with. Coaching with Alex gave me the confidence in knowing that through hard work, dedication and the right resources anything is possible.  
— Nelcida Rodriguez, Founder of Innovative Scholars