I empower female entrepreneurs to Empower themselves BY SHOWING THEM HOW TO get sh!t Done TO build THEIR companies ON THEIR OWN TERMS. 


Oh Hey, Queen!

I'm Alex.

I empower badass female entrepreneurs to make their dream company a reality by helping them achieve meaningful growth without sacrificing their purpose in pursuit of profit.

As a serial entrepreneur, I understand that leading with purpose is the key differentiator between great companies and, well.... everybody else. However, entrepreneurs can get stuck in the weeds doing things we think are building towards our dream but instead we're losing the ability to stay on top of why we were doing it in the first place.

In order to achieve meaningful growth, you need a kick-ass, actionable strategy. I'll show you how to get sh!t done in a way that keeps your purpose at the forefront while producing results that move you closer to your dream. Just think of me as your Superpower Sidekick.



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A boy's club is just a group of likeminded individuals sharing resources. 

The amount of women owned businesses have increased by 114% in the last 20 years but we only own 1/3 of companies in the US and our growth is staggering behind the rate in which we're starting companies. Meanwhile, we keep being told that our only glimmer of hope is getting capital infused into our companies by investors. 


There's another way and WE ARE going to make it happen!

Queen, It’s about time we had a club too. 

It's 100% Free. 

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